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Serious Pulling Power

Posted on: 3rd Dec 2012

Serious Pulling Power image

Mitsubishi Shogun is the best two, bar none

The Mitsubishi Shogun has serious pulling power but not the kind that makes you popular with the opposite sex.

The pulling power this big 4x4 has is the ability to legally lug a trailer up to 3.5 tonnes.

This Shogun, available from the Donnelly Group, is the perfect towing machine even in winter. Thanks to it's powerful 3.2-litre, 197bhp diesel engine pulling big loads is no problem. 

Especially as Mitsubishi have managed to squeeze 480Nm's of torque from that turbo-charged diesel engine and it only has four-cylinders but less cylinder means less weight so better fuel economy. That's a serious amount of torque and to illustrate the Shogun's pulling power we will tow one of  T.H. Jenkinson and Co's cattle trailers. 

They have been in business for over 40-years and know a thing or two about trailers and as you can see their Ifor Williams TA-14 tri-axle trailer is huge, 14-feet long to be precise. 

The  Shogun wasn't phased in anyway, the smooth auto-gearbox copes brilliantly with towing, OK we didn't have any animas on-board but no doubt the big Shogun could pull even bigger weights if it was legal to do so.

 It's hard to believe the Shogun you see here is a used vehicle as it looks and drives like new. Everyone loves a bargain and as it's so close to Christmas and we are stuck in a recession Donnelly's used Mitsubishi's make so much sense.

With only 13,000 miles on the clock the Shogun is only run-in and with Mitsubishi's legendary reliability it will do 130,000 miles with ease. This Elegance model costs £28,995 saving you almost £10,000 compared to the equivalent new model. It even comes with optional spare wheel cover and roof spoiler.

That saving would go nicely towards the £350 price for fitting a proper Mitsubishi tow bar.

Donnelly's also have a huge selection of new and used Shogun's to suit your budget with prices starting at only £11,995 but if a Shogun is not for you don't forget about all the other Mitsubishi 4x4 in their range.

Unless you are an Eskimo, you will have noticed that winter is here, whether we like it or not. that means the roads can become treacherous.

With the temperature dropping below freezing on a regular basis now is the perfect time to buy a 4x4 before things get even worse. 

Hopping into a freezing car is never an enjoyable experience but the nice thing about the Shogun is, it's leather seats are heated, so when it's freezing outside, in only a few seconds your legs and back are toasty warm, the front and rear windscreen are heated too.

The Shogun also has a handy ice warning buzzer and flashing light on the dash that tells you of any potential threat of freezing.

It's a full-on 4x4, designed to do serious off-roading so a little ice isn't going to be much of a challenge for something that can climb a mountain but even in two-wheel drive on ice the traction control limits rear wheel spin but it's in four-wheel drive that the Shogun comes into it's own. 

At the flick a lever you can shift the Shogun's SS4-II drivetrain into it's three four-wheel drive modes plus you can change from two-wheel drive mode to four-wheel-drive at speeds up to 62 mph. 

To keep things even safer Mitsubishi have included Engine Brake Assist Control that's activated in extreme downhill situations automatically taking over braking as soon as loss of traction is detected, and you also get multi-mode Anti lock Brakes System (ABS) and Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD).

For those of you brave enough to do some serious off-roading the Shogun can wade through water up to a depth of 700mm, tackle inclines up to 35 degrees and drive along 45 degree slopes. 

But the Shogun is just as happy on tarmac as it is off-road and that powerful engine can haul the big 4x4 from 0-62 in 11.1secs and onto a top speed of 111mph.

The smooth ride is complimented by this model's silky smooth auto gearbox. There is the option of a manual gearbox but because the Shogun is so luxurious the auto box suits it best.

If you want some fun you can slip the auto lever into it's trip-tronic setting and enjoy gear changes like a manual without needing a clutch.

For such a big car the economy is surprisingly good. It will return 30mpg all day long even with a heavy right foot but putt in a little effort and high 30's are possible.

To say it has a commanding driving experience is a bit of an understatement as you dwarf all cars, crossover vehicles and are eye to eye with lorry drivers.

Because of it's size it has the road presence of a tank, leaving you and your passengers feeling totally safe. 

Inside you have dual-stage front, side and curtain airbags provide protection for passengers boasted by a reinforced rigid structure with crumple zones to absorb impact and energy. 

Mitsubishi have made the monocoque body stronger and stiffer, there's a lower centre of gravity, wider tracks and an improved all-wheel independent suspension and it shows. 

It's a joy to drive, smooth as silk over any road, even twisty bumpy back roads, and on tight country lanes it reassuring to know that if the alloy wheels do go onto grass or up a curb you're not going to do any damage.

There are vast amounts of room inside and this long-wheel-base model is a proper seven-seater. It's so bigits even got separate hot and cold heating in the rear. The dash features a specially designed Rockford Fosgate Premium audio system with 860watts of sounds from it's 12-speakers and sub-woofer.

This system features speed-compensated volume that automatically adjusts the sound level to suit the Shogun's speed, and output settings allow you to balance the output for rear passengers, front passengers.

The big colour screen houses the satellite navigation system and a 40-gigabyte hard drive that also acts as a music server, able to store up to 2,000 songs so no need to worry about CDs anymore. Controlled via touch screen or by using steering wheel mounted controls, this system also has a cool feature where the whole front electrically slides out and drops down to reveal the CD/DVD slot and a 3.5mm jack for plugging in your MP3 player. 

If you need some pulling power in your life or just want to get to where ever you are going during winter you can't get much cooler than a Shogun.

So pull your finger out and head to your nearest Donnelly Mitsubishi showroom to check out the Shogun range.



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